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The Mayfield Township Planning Commission is made up of 5 appointed residents from Mayfield Township. The Commission is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the town board on the current ordinances, new ordinances and applications by residents for any special uses.

The Planning Commission meets the first Monday of every month, if there are items on the agenda.

The Current Members are:

Chairperson - Brandon Bogard

Phone# 231-313-8009


Job description: Chair, Mayfield Township Planning Commission: Schedule and coordinate Planning Commission meetings, act as primary liaison between the Township Board and the Planning Commission as well as with various units of County and State governmental bodies as it may relate to planning issues and identified concerns, in conjunction with the full membership of the Planning Commission, and other members of township government, identify which those matters which may require new, and/or, revised township ordinances related to the building of private residences, business enterprises, and other matters that impact the health and welfare of all township residents.

Vice Chair-Rick Bach

Phone # 231-342-9852

Secretary- Bill Crain
Phone # 231-632-4207

Member- Rick Vanpelt
Phone# 231-342-3948

Member - Charlie Jetter
Phone # 631-1284