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Articles 1 & 2 -Title & Interpretation

Article 3-Definitions

Article 4-General Provisions to Include:-Download Entire Article

Section 4.1& 4.2 General Scope & Prohibition

Section 4.3 Accessory Structures

Section 4.4 Non Conforming Uses

Section 4.5 Signs

Section 4.6 Essential Public Services

Section 4.7 Subdivision Requirements

Section 4.10 Prohibited Uses

Section 4.11 Yard Sales

    Section 4.12 Topsoil Removal, Sand & Gravel

    Section 4.13 Bed & Breakfast Establishments

    Section 4.14 Flea Markets & Open Air Markets

    Section 4.15 Billboards

    Section 4.16 Private Road Standards

    Section 4.17 Lighting

    Section 4.18 Planned Developments

    Section 4.19 Review of Applications & Plans

    Section 4.20 Special rule for determining Lot Area & Width

    Section 4.21 Landscape

    Section 4.22 Outdoor Storage

    Section 4.23 Private Community Sewer Systems

    Section 4.24 Conditional Rezoning

    Section 4.25 Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS)

    Section 4.26 Public Notifications

    Section 4.27 Fences

    Section 4.28 Access Management

    Section 4.29-Agricultural Labor Housing &/or Migrant Housing

    Section 4.30-Cellular Communication Towers

    Article 5-Special Use and Site Plan Review-

    Article 6- Zoning Districts & Map

    Copy of Zoning Map

    Article 7-Hannah Village Residential District

    Article 11-Agricultural Zoning District

    Article 12-General Commercial District

    Article 13-Light Industrial District

    Article 14-Manufactured Housing District

    Article 15-Administration & Enforcement

    Article 16-Board of Appeals

    Article 17-Violations


    Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance

    Emergency Services Ordinance

    Noise & Junk Ordinance

    Land Division Ordinance

    Cemetery Ordinance